Dr. Aaron Goldenberg: Unanswered ELSI Questions in the Development of Biomedical Repositories: Privacy, Equity, and Stewardship

B2AI Discussion Forum on Emerging ELSI Issues

Dr. Aaron Goldenberg

Aaron Goldenberg

July 25, 2023

Aaron Goldenberg | July 25, 2023

Every month, the Bridge Center will invite a speaker to participate in a monthly speaker series related to ethical issues in biomedical research. 

July 2023

This month, Dr. Goldenberg discussed the evolving ethical, legal, and social concerns (ELSI) associated with biorepositories and biobanking. The discussion covers a range of topics, including legal cases and ongoing research in this domain, particularly focusing on privacy issues, heightened equity considerations, shifts in Return on Research (ROR), and matters related to trust and trustworthiness. You can find a recording to his talk here.