Dr. Debra Mathews: Using Population Descriptors in Genetics and Genomics Research: A New Framework for an Evolving Field — Lessons from a NASEM Consensus Study for AI-READI

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Dr. Debra Mathews

Debra Mathews

September 19, 2023

Debra Mathews | September 19, 2023

Every month, the Bridge Center will invite a speaker to participate in a monthly speaker series related to ethical issues in biomedical research. 

September 2023

This month, Dr Mathews provided an overview of the recent NASEM consensus study report that focused on the use of race and ethnicity and other population descriptors in genomics research, including the recommendations made by the committee. She offered some reflections on the report from an ethics perspective and discussed potential lessons for AI-READI. You can find a recording to her talk here.