Tools Optimization Core

The Tool Optimization Core (TOC) will serve as a national and multi-national hub for algorithmic and methodologic innovation, benchmarking, standardization, optimization, and dissemination. The Tool Optimization Core is envisioned as a Commons, servicing a broad and diverse range of stakeholders, including the Bridge2AI Data Generation Projects (DGPs), data consumers, algorithm developers, algorithm users, citizen scientists, regulatory bodies and members of the public. Each stakeholder has their own battery of needs, which the TOC addresses by establishing a nexus of expertise, innovation, and dissemination that will support tool optimization across Bridge2AI.

The TOC will be a hub for algorithm development, benchmarking, optimization, and dissemination across Bridge2AI, delivering: advice to DGPs in tool development, benchmarking, and software engineering; open and coordinated tool development within and beyond Bridge2AI, with area-specific working groups; regular Bridge2AI-wide benchmarks of key tools, linked to gold standard data and educational materials (with SWD); a harmonized database of tools used across Bridge2AI, linked to systematic meta-information (with Standards); tool search and help interfaces customized for stakeholder groups; consensus workshops and systematic training materials on Bridge2AI-wide best analytical practices (with SWD); ongoing identification of gaps in tool development across Bridge2AI; and focused algorithm-development efforts internally and through funding to fill tool and data gaps within the program. Through its efforts, the TOC will foster dissemination of best practices.

Who We Are

Headshot for Paul Boutros, PhD, MBA.
Paul Boutros, PhD, MBA
Core Lead
University of California Los Angeles
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Jake Albrecht, PhD
Sage Bionetworks
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Alex Bui, PhD
University of California Los Angeles
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Kyle Ellrott, PhD
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Peipei Ping, PhD
University of California Los Angeles
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Wei Wang, PhD
University of California Los Angeles