Joseph Yracheta: The Dissonance between Scientific Altruism & Capitalist Extraction for & from the Amerindigenous

B2AI Discussion Forum on Emerging ELSI Issues

Joseph Yracheta

Joseph Yracheta

August 29, 2023

Joseph Yracheta | August 29, 2023

Every month, the Bridge Center will invite a speaker to participate in a monthly speaker series related to ethical issues in biomedical research. 

February 2024

American Indians experience elevated rates of health conditions like diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease, as well as greater exposure to environmental hazards. Similarly, Latin Indigenous and Polynesian populations exhibit comparable health risk profiles, despite different ancestral backgrounds, illustrating the enduring effects of colonization. This discussion emphasizes the responsibility of scientists to build trust within an untrustworthy system, as seen from the perspective of First Peoples, by highlighting initiatives like the Native BioData Consortium that aim to enhance trustworthiness and empower indigenous communities within the colonial framework. You can find a recording to his talk here.