Precision PHI Screening

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Precision PHI Screening

Xiaoqian Jiang

November 28, 2023

Xiaoqian Jiang | November 28, 2023

Every month, ETAI will be sharing a term or concept of the month that is related to ethical issues in biomedical research. The term of the month is part of our module’s milestones relating to engagement and reflection on ethics with the AI-READI team.

Term of November 2023: Precision PHI Screening

“This term reflects the paper’s emphasis on using high-throughput machine learning models to precisely detect sensitive data, specifically Protected Health Information (PHI), in electronic health records. The term ‘Precision’ highlights the accuracy and specificity of the approach, while ‘PHI Screening’ directly references the focus on identifying and protecting sensitive health information in compliance with regulations like HIPAA. This term aligns with the paper’s innovative approach to enhancing data privacy and security in the healthcare domain through advanced machine learning techniques.”

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